Life is about making better choices. It should be taking less time worrying about loves you and more time of loving yourself. If you don't love yourself, you can't expect others to show you how to love.

Loving yourself is NOT having low self-esteem and having HIGH confidence in yourself.

Loving yourself is self-motivation and NOT having someone to guide you and you're always following. Be your own LEADER!

DON'T be that PROCASTINATOR of your life. Make things happen. Be the INITIATOR!

Keep FOCUS on what's present and stop looking behind. Focusing on the past may effect the outcome of your present and future.

WAKE UP and show life your high SELF-ESTEEM, that you're CONFIDENT at being a leader, and you're ready to initiate your future.

Let negativity go and you'll feel like a new person! AGAIN, it's all about making BETTER choices.